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COMMUNITY CENTER RENTAL - For rentals of the center please call Valerie at 231-846-5905 or email her at

                                          WELLSTON BRANCH LIBRARY - 231-848-4013.

                                          Manager -  Michaelyn Crawford

                                          Library Hours: Monday: 12:30-6pm, Tuesday: 10:30-4:30                                                pm, Thursday: 10:30-4:30 pm.

                                           Library Facebook Page: "Manistee County Library Wellston Branch."

Manistee Library Website: Opens the door to information, imagination, & inspiration. — Manistee County Library (

Welcome to the Norman Township Website!  Thank you for visiting our site. We have spent many hours updating and filling in important information to meet your needs. Click through the tabs above or visit these important pages.

ORV MAP of Norman Township --Click to see the maps of Norman's ORV Trails.

-The CLERK tab will allow you to see the current FOIA Requests for information.

-The TOWNSHIP BOARD MINUTES/AGENDAS/ETC. will keep up to date with issues concerning the township.

-The YOUR TOWNSHIP BOARD page will give you contact information and a list of the board members.

-The TREASURER page will give you information of your Summer Tax Bills and about Trash Cards.

-The ASSESSING page will give you the forms you need like the Disabled Vet Exemption Form and the Principle Residence Exemption (PRE) Form.

-The ZONING ORDINANCE page will give you the current ordinance and the Zoning Map in PDF. 

-The ZONING ADMINISTRATOR page will give you the names of the ZAs and the normal Land Use Application.

-The CONTACT PAGE will get you in touch with a zoning administrator to answer your zoning questions.

The TAB headings above are intended to identify the most common elements of your local government.  The drop-down menu under each TAB will provide additional categories for you to explore. 

Information on trash cards and the transfer station can be found on the Treasurers page.

Info & Fast Links:

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