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Note about Trash Cards

This is the fourth time the Trash Cards have been sent out with the property taxes in December. This system worked the last 3 years really well in most instances. If you have any questions about not receiving your Trash Cards, please call the office Monday-Friday, from 10-4. A few of the difficulties are noted here.

1. Tax Bills go to the OWNER of the property, so please check with the owner for your Trash Card before calling the Township Office.

2. Some Tax Bills go to a mortgage company. However, you will receive a tax bill also with your trash card in the bill. Just because the mortgage company pays your bill dopes not mean you can throw your bill away. Your TRASH CARD is in your bill!

3. Tax Bills are sent to one address. If you wish to receive your bill at another address, please call and speak with the Treasurer. If the Treasurer is not in at the time you call, leave your name and number and the Treasurer will return your call.

4. Some people who live downstate or in another state may forget to bring your Trash Card with you. You can get a replacement Trash Card at the Township Office for $5. 

5. You must live in the township or own property in the township in order to have a trash card.

Summer Tax Bills

Hello everyone. Summer Tax Bills always go out on July 1. To avoid any late fees, you can pay at the Township Office until September 14. 

Winter Tax Bills

Winter Tax Bills always go out December 1. To avoid late fees, you can pay at the Township Office until February 14.


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