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Question: I am building a house in Norman Township. What is the minimum square footage needed?


Question: Can I put a fence on my property line or does it have to be set back so far?

Question: Are the sheds like the ones that are sold along M-55 subject to Zoning?



Question: Can those same sheds be used for cabins to dwell in?

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Answer: 720 Square feet of living space. 

Answer: The ordinance does not say much about fences, but what it does say in section 1040 is that if a fence is over 6' it has to be placed back to the setback of the District. Fences 6' or less can be placed on the property line, but we suggest if you do not have a survey or know where your markers are that you place it a foot inside where you think the property line is.

Answer: Small sheds do need Zoning Permits to place them on the property. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) a zoning permit will position the shed the proper distances from the property lines and other structures on the property, and, 2) the assessor needs this information to assess the shed on the tax role and take a picture for their file. As a NOTE: you may not need a building permit unless you are going to put electric to the shed or anything else that would need a building inspector to inspect. You would need to call the state building office to find out that information.

Answer: Prebuilt sheds are usually made for storage of materials or vehicles. They would not pass State Building Codes for human occupancy unless they were built specifically for that purpose. The State would be the ones who would inspect a building to give an occupancy permit for humans. 

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