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Zoning Board of Appeals

Our goal is to serve Norman Township and shall be evident by the actions we take.

To further improve the services available we will be including our forms to obtain permits, ZBA minutes, along with comments from the Township Zoning Administrator. For more information contact the Zoning Administrator at the township office during regular hours.

2015 Zoning Administrator’s Report Page 1 of 2
2015 Zoning Administrator’s Report Page 2 of 2


Zoning Block

What is zoning? According to Webster zoning is “to arrange in or mark off into zones; to partition by ordinance into sections reserved for different purposes (as residence, business, or manufacturing). The purpose of zoning is to use as a guide to help implement a master plan, ensure the compatibility of land uses and to protect natural resources and property values. This becomes effective when ordinances are adopted that contain regulations in land development and establish land districts.

Platbooks: Manistee County Plat books are now available at the Norman Township Hall. (fee will be charged)

We are coming to the end of the year and developing projects will be put on hold until spring. For those of you who will be planning renovations, additions and building can now get on line to print of your required forms on the forms page.

Zoning Administrator

Bob Hall
Phone: (231) 848-4564
Hours: Fri. 8:30 – 5:00 or By Appointment

Zoning Fees

The following fees were approved by the Norman Township Board on 6/8/1993 unless so noted:

Type of Permit Fee Z.A. Reimb.
Single Structure $25.00
Double Structure $35.00
Accessory Structure $25.00
Permitted Physical Land Use $25.00
Special Use Permit1 $200.002
Appeal / Variance $175.00
Sign Permit $15.00
Agricultural Land Use Permit $15.00
Commercial Land Use Permit $100.00
Industrial Land Use Permit $100.00
4 Splits / Land Division Act $50.002
After-The-Fact-Fee Triple the Normal Fee (Amended 11/09/1993)
The Lesser Of $1000 Or Actual Cost (Amended 3/14/95)
Copy Of Zoning Ordinance $25.00 (3/14/95)
Copy Of Master Plan $25.00 (3/14/95)
Roofs Going From Flat To Peak:3
A – Residential $15.00 – (Amended 9/11/96)
B – Commercial $15.00 – (Amended 9/11/95
Sheds On Skids 10′ x 10′ or Less: If one or a combination of decks at one residence equals 100 square feet or
less, no Zoning approval/Land use permit is necessary unless required by the state or local building code.
(Amended 2/12/97)
Fences 6 Feet Or Less Need No Permit
Anything Not Listed Fee will be determined by the Norman Township Board of Trustees.
Meetings $ 20.00
Mileage Rate $.485 per Mile (Amended 9/01/2005)
Junk / Blight Ordinance Enforcement $ 10.00 per complaint

All agricultural buildings require a Land Use Permit but no State Permt. HOWEVER, the State Building Inspector
should be notified by the builder – (517) 773-3129 – hours: 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

[1] +/- Associated Costs (Amended 4/7/95)

[2] Each Additional $10.00

[3] As Long As It Does Not Change the Footprint In Anyway
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