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Township » Tax Information

Treasurer’s Tidbits

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The month of February is, for township treasurers, the busiest of all the year.  Mortgage companies, banks and many tax payers wait until the last minute to send the tax payments.

I begin collecting the summer property taxes on July 1 and they are due, without penalty, by September 14.  After September 14 there is a 1% per month penalty and those taxes are to be paid to the township through February 28/29.

Call me to find out the pay off of the summer tax after September 14.

The winter taxes are due from December 1 through February 28/29.  March 1 and after, summer and winter taxes are to be paid to the Manistee County Treasurer.

If you do not receive your tax bill it is your responsibility to find out why.  There are 30 to 40 bills sent out in the summer and winter that are returned as undeliverable, every year.  If there is an address change, please, contact me with that information.  If there is anyway I can be of help please call.

Mary Kay St. John, Treasurer
Norman Township