Welcome to Norman Township


Try Euchre…

Want to have a little fun?  Consider Tuesday afternoon Euchre at the Norman Township Hall from 1:00-4:00 p.m.  Address is 1273 Seaman Road, Wellston.  For more information contact Deb at (231) 862-3140.

New Regular Monthly Meeting Time 7pm

Beginning January 2014, and every month thereafter, the NORMAN TOWNSHIP Board of Trustees will hold their regular monthly meeting on the second Tuesday at Norman Township Community Center, 1273 S. Seaman Road, Wellston, MI beginning at 7:00 PM rather than 7:30 PM.

Mary Soule, Norman Township Clerk  (231) 848-4564

Norman Township Community Center

Inside one building, we have many “communities”.  There are the township offices and the public library and there are several groups that hosts activities and educational sessions.

If you would like to rent the facilities for your event, please contact Deb for details at (231) 848-4621.


Important Dates

NOV 4, 2014:  Elections at the Community Center.  Call Clerk Mary Soule for an absentee ballot if you will be away from the community or unable to drive to the polls.  (231) 848-4564.

NOV 6, 2014:  7PM Master Plan Public Hearing will be held at the community center before adoption of this document.  For details contact Bob Hall, Zoning Administrator, P.O. Box 143 1273 S. Seaman Rd., Wellston, MI 49689 (231) 848-4564.


To all the teachers in our township, thank you for your devotion to our children…your neighbors.

How is your family handling the new school year?  No more late night assignments being done at the dinner table?  Have you gotten your family into a “routine.”  Kids like routines.  Teachers like routines.  Families function better if there are routines in place.

Keep bed time positive for kids from pre-school to high school.  Instead of TV this year, read to the kids 30 minutes before bedtime.  It’s a special time for the family to talk and plan for the new day ahead.

Parents remember to pack a healthy lunch for you and the kids.  Nobody can function without the proper fuel.  It’s a fresh new year – take advantage of this new opportunity.

School Calendar 2014
School Food Service and Free Lunch Application
School Preschool Program
School Sports Links
School Teachers Elementary
School Times Fluctuating Lunch Periods

October: Salmon Season

Get ready to fish…Folklore says that salmon return to the rivers in which they were birthed.  In Wellston, we believe enough studies support this as more than folklore.   Our rivers are slowly filling with these beautiful salmon, steelhead, brown trout, and other species.  Just ask the fishermen who come off our rivers!  Come fish and enter some contests this fall.  Take time off of work, rent a cabin, bring your waders and drift boat and make a week of it below Tippy Dam.